Tell Your IACC Story

Most of our members are very outspoken about their love for IACC and what it means to be part of such an extraordinary community. When our members get together they share their personal stories of how being affiliated with such a great organisation has helped them develop either personally and/or professionally.

As we approach the IACC-Americas Connect in New York this April, we would love to hear YOUR IACC Story.

Simply send us a video clip, no more than 30 seconds long from your webcam or smartphone. If your video is chosen as one of the most creative or compelling, you can win one of a number of prizes; including theater tickets, VIP transport or exciting excursions and experiences that can be experienced in April while attending the IACC-Americas Connect or on another occasion when visiting the Big Apple! Prizes will be given out every two weeks up to April 17, 2016 and your video could be featured in the lead-up to and during the conference.

In your video clip, share your IACC story, something compelling that says what IACC means to you; maybe the events you have been to, the relationships you have built, the business you have won as a result of being a part of IACC! Feel free to send a personal video or bring out the movie producer in you and shoot a group video with your colleagues at work!

Send us your video clip via any of the following ways:

  • Simply email your video clip to hlapka@iacconline.org in a video file format (.mov, .avi or similar)
  • Share your video via Twitter including @IACCconfcentres and #TellYourIaccStory
  • Become a friend on the IACC Facebook Page and upload your video here.

Go on, tell your IACC story and help others see the power of IACC. After all, YOU are what makes IACC…. Well IACC!

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