IACC Better Tomorrow Service Week

To deliver a positive social impact, the IACC Better Tomorrow committee launched IACC Service Week. From September 18-26, IACC members worldwide planned and executed socially responsible activities in four key areas: Diversity & Inclusion, Environment, Education, and Training.


The week saw a wide array of creative initiatives, from charitable coffee mornings, to building sustainable bird boxes and dance workshops to create a culture of empowerment! IACC CEO, Mark Cooper, and fellow staff members Kate Bacon & Georgia Hulbert also rolled up their sleeves to help garden at a Northleigh House School in Warwickshire which provides therapeutic learning environments for vulnerable children.

Maria Griffiths, etc venues, London  “On behalf of the Service Week team, I would like to thank the IACC community for participating in creating a Better Tomorrow. We were delighted to see our colleagues across the world coming together over the week, raising awareness about social responsibility, promoting a culture of gratitude and empowerment, boosting team morale and motivation, creating a commitment to support communities, and generally making a positive impact. Creating a better tomorrow.”  

Not one but two IACC Europe members stood out by their participation in this global week of giving and education. Congratulations to Sigtunahojden in Sweden, and Wyboston Lakes in the UK, for winning the IACC Better Tomorrow Award for your exceptional commitment and demonstration to People, Community, and the Environment during IACC Service Week 2021. 

Stay Involved

IACC Service Week 2021 may be over, but our power to help create a better world, everywhere we meet, will remain throughout the year.

Every IACC member wishing to embrace Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I), will be offered pathways to information through IACC’s Knowledge Hub and education at IACC online and live events. The Better Tomorrow Foundation, funded by IACC venues, will support individuals and groups to grow and make a difference. 

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