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"Marholmen is an island located in Roslagen archipelago, with a bridge to the mainland only one hour från Stockholm, Uppsala and Arlanda. Check out our new interactive map to see what you can do during your stay. Marholmen is like no other place in Sweden. The moment you cross the bridge, a new world opens up. An independent island for those who seek for relaxation, job satisfaction or wonderful experiences. Our hierarchy is reversed. We who lead the kingdom do so for one single purpose - make you, our customer, to feel like a king or a queen. Our only law is that you should never wanna leave us. But when you do, we want you to carry us with you long after you reached your home. Everyone has their own Marholmen. We offer conferences with activities for internal cohesion, kickoffs that provide motivation, playgrounds and bathing for families with children on a day trip, weddings, parties of all kinds and relaxation in the Swedish archipelago. Relaxation or activation, it sums up our whole idea of Marholmen as a place for everyone. You will feel the Roslagen nature in both our food and our activities. The beach is always bathrobe distance from your door and the island's various possibilities of accommodation makes Marholmen a place for family and friends."