Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden

Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden

Ringvägen 6
Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm 13335

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2000 ft2 / 197 m2

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Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden AB



For 100 years, Vår Gård has strived to be a meeting place where everyone feels equally welcome. In culturally historic buildings surrounded by tranquil nature, there is a personal atmosphere that characterizes what we do best – meetings between people.


Vår Gård is located in a beautiful setting near the sea in Saltsjöbaden, 20 minutes from Stockholm City.

Meeting Facilities

Experience 20 different meeting rooms in different sizes and personal designs from 2 - 290 participants.

Business Services

Conference, hotel, restaurant, recreation and team building.

Dining & Entertainment

Vår Gård's culinary experience is not just a journey through the flavors of the Swedish kitchen, it's also a true celebration of local, seasonal ingredients. Set against the backdrop of a historic villa from the turn of the century, the restaurant and bar in Villa Skärtofta offer an elegant space to indulge in exquisite dishes crafted from the finest, freshest produce sourced locally and in season. Meanwhile, the main restaurant provides a cozy setting for a delightful culinary adventure with sea views. What sets Vår Gård apart is its commitment to excellence, evident not only in its savory offerings but also in its own bakery with freshly made bread and pastry. A visit to Vår Gård is a truly tastful journey.

Guest Rooms

At Vår Gård's hotel, the accommodation options cater to a range of preferences, ensuring a tailored experience for every guest. From spacious suites to comfortable double and single rooms, each space is meticulously designed to provide a restful and inviting atmosphere.

Recreation & Leisure

The facilities are designed to provide a holistic and rejuvenating experience for guests. Enjoy a traditional Swedish sauna with a cold bath in the sea during the winter months or get active using the indoor and outdoor gym. Vår Gård also has a relax area with a yoga studio next to the beach for recreation and mindfulness.

Meeting Equipment

The meeting rooms are well equipped for creative and flexible meetings. Depending on your specific needs we offer TV screens, projectors, light and sound system, wireless headsets, microphones, video meetings, softboards and whiteboards.

Meeting Support Services

Vår Gård provides project managers, guest service and IT support.