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IACC certification remains the gold-standard, a seal of approval of the top 1% of venues in the world and a symbol of excellence, innovation, and prestige. Welcome to our vibrant global network.

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Find an IACC Venue for your next event. IACC is dedicated to helping Meeting Planners find venues that consistently excel in delivering outstanding results.

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With a global perspective and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value, we serve as the ultimate hub for meeting and conference professionals, connecting, inspiring, and shaping the future of our dynamic industry.

“To me, the main benefit of being an IACC member is the unique opportunity it provides for face-to-face networking with key people in the upper echelon of meeting and conference facilities.”

– Howard Michaelson

“IACC offers valuable global networking opportunities which is a benefit to our business. Access to industry reports helps us plan for the future”.

– Marieke Höfte

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Browse hundreds of unique and exceptional venues for your next event that comply with IACC’s Global Standards of Brilliance.

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